The Power of Treating Employees Like Family

The Power of Treating Employees Like Family


Almost every company says that it values its people above everything else. Inevitably though, this gets chucked straight in to the bin in most moments of corporate crises.  For a truly people centric company the dilemma should be, “How would a caring family deal with hard times like this?” Any organisation can embrace an approach that rejects the traumatic consequences of rolling layoffs, dehumanising rules, and hyper-competitive cultures with the following insights.

Everybody Matters
Rise to face the challenge or crisis in a way such that sacrificing of people’s livelihood is not opted, for the benefit of the business. Remember each member is unique and can add in some way, to solving the issue at hand. Complementarity of skills is critical after all. That is not to say that one must abandon pink slips altogether. Various crises have exhibited that there are times when flab needs to be trimmed. Smart trimming here, is the key.

Lean with Compassion
The traditional Lean methodology helps managers and workers achieve greater organisation, standardisation, and efficiency, all while reducing costs and boosting productivity. This can be expanded to incorporate ‘safety’ and ‘satisfaction’ to better align with people-centric vision. Likewise, ‘People AND Process’ highlights the importance of bringing the “human element” to processes and ensuring that people benefit from process changes.

Roles of Leaders
Leaders influence organisations in an ever-flowing manner. Their responsibility as leaders is to create an environment where people can discover, develop and share their potential, which creates an opportunity for them to have a more meaningful life and add value to the organisation.

Lead the Leaders
Leaders need to truly understand their detailed roles, accept their roles and adhere to them – while extracting maximum synergistic value from them.

Celebration and Recognition
By recognising and celebrating people who do the work of the company every single day, the culture becomes more fulfilling for all. The subculture of celebration and recognition is yet another tool to reinforce the people-centric culture.

For an organization, the key pillars should be establishing a shared long-term vision, fostering a people-centric culture, developing leaders from within, and sending people home fulfilled. Any organisation can recover from the worst of slumps, stronger and faster, given a caring culture.

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